Tata Winger Executive Van - Tech Car

If comfort transportation is what you thought about, then TATA WINGER should be custom built solidly to your own specifications. and liking. Let Prakash Body Construction Co spell design magic and let other passenger transportation vehicles look — ordinary!

PBC offers the right restyling solutions for your privileged TATA WINGER, with its hallmark looks and quality. No wonder heads will turn and jaws will drop, when your remodeled TATA WINGER passes by!

Interiors are made from molded highly contoured, complex, composite paneling, which are long lasting and easy to maintain. An audio/video console, laminated wood accents, plush carpeting and powered curtains on windows, leather seating, and four powered captain seats as per the owner's discretion, are add on features that can be integrated in Tata Winger.

A combination of LED and fluorescent lamps ensure brightly lit interiors with easy view. Furthermore, partition is recessed behind the driver's and co-driver's seat. Anechoic material provides better sound insulation while air-conditioning consists of a 40,000 BTU proprietary ducted system.

PBC adds a lot to the overall flair and sophistication of the vehicle with using electronics to the fore. These goodies comprise of two 26" LCD televisions, DVD player, two component speakers, intercom, cords, cables, 12 V refrigerator, Electric Chemical toilet with 100 ltrs water capacity computer system with wireless keyboard, and inverter to run the electricals on board.

PBC also spruces up the exteriors in synch with the interiors. Here, fixed glasses are installed replacing the existing sliding windows. Styling also includes the new front and rear fascia. Lastly, satellite television and an increase in roof height for better headroom, adds to the overall luxury, comfort and ease. Only elegance, sophistication, and lavish facelift for your newly acquired TATA WINGER!


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