Now-a-days many Govt. Agencies, health-care providers, Social service organizations and consumer –related corporations must reach out to the communities and be more accessible to their customers. This trend has created the demand for customized mobile offices, command posts, laboratories, clinics, showrooms and more.

At PBC we recognize that every agency, every company has different requirements with regards to vehicle use, size, outfitting and affordability. Because we believe our customers should not have to make compromises, we never retrofit existing recreational vehicles and trailers, we instead work hand in hand with our customers to design and build fully customized, rugged long lasting units from the chassis up.

Over the years, we have developed close relationships with manufacturers of medical diagnostic, laboratory, computer and communications equipment. These partnerships ensure our customers that the specialized sensitive equipment they require will operate at its utmost capability within the units we design. At Automakers we remain committed to our customers long after they have taken the delivery of the vehicle. Our goal is to be sure that not only do the vehicles exceed their initial expectations, but that they are satisfied for many years to come.  

Ambulances Exterior:

  • Tubular Super Structure
  • All Aluminum Body Panel/Treated GI panels
  • Standard body length
  • Liberal interior headroom
  • Automotive door handles
  • Lift-up rear step with dock bumpers
  • Half frosted sliding glass windows with curtains and rails
  • Fixed rear door glasses with curtains
  • Sound stop insulation for walls & doors
  • Pre-coated sheets inside panels
  • Double hinged rear door
  • Mud flaps for all wheels
  • Traficators and sign boards
  • Number plates and lights
  • P.U. super white Ambulance paint
  • Beltline paint stripe

Air Conditioning (Optional)

  • Heavy-duty four-blade blower with cooling coil and vehicle engine driven heavy compressor


  • 1 Drop down crew seats with under storage
  • 1 two pole stretcher
  • One revolving Doctors seat
  • Electrically operated water source
  • Wash basin with storage
  • Doctors table with medicine storage
  • IV holder- 2 Nos
  • Rolled & pleated upholstery
  • Aluminum diamond plate flooring
  • Vinyl Flooring (Optional)
  • "C" type oxygen cylinder bracket x 1
  • Fluorescent interior lights x 2
  • 24-hour battery operated clock
  • Grab rails on entrance doors
  • Bell Buzzer x 1

Chassis/Vehicles suitable for Ambulance Modification:

  • Tata 709/407/207 Cabin Chassis
  • Tempo Excel /Trax Cabin Chassis
  • Eicher 10.50 cabin Chassis
  • M & Cab king /Pickup Cabin Chassis

Some medical unit categories include:

  • General exam
  • First aid/disaster
  • Multi-phasic health screening
  • X-ray-chest, surgical, mammography
  • Medical lab
  • Inoculation
  • Health screening programs (blood pressure, disease, AIDS, etc.)
  • MRI, CT, PET, Lithotripsy
  • Hearing and vision screening
  • Cardiac cath lab
  • Surgical


Ambulance Critical Care

Ambulance Aids

  • pbc_ambulance_aids_01
  • pbc_ambulance_aids_02
  • pbc_ambulance_aids_03
  • pbc_ambulance_aids_04
  • pbc_ambulance_aids_05
  • pbc_ambulance_aids_06
  • pbc_ambulance_aids_07

Ambulance Basic Life

  • pbc_ambulance_basic_01
  • pbc_ambulance_basic_02
  • pbc_ambulance_basic_03

Ambulance Mini

  • pbc_ambulance_mini_207_01
  • pbc_ambulance_mini_207_02
  • pbc_ambulance_mini_207_03