Cargo Trucks

Our Cargo vehicles are made in order to facilitate better fuel efficiency and maneuverability. Lighter, safer and more fuel efficient, our cargo vehicles are sturdy and can withstand even the toughest situations. The Cargo manufacturing process ensures that our cargo vehicles are both stronger and lighter.

Following are the models under the Cargo Trucks:

  • Deep Refrigeration
  • Scooter Carrying
  • Bike Carrying
  • Containers
  • Cold Storages Vans

Cargo Trucks and Utility Vehicles

  • pbc_cargo_truck_01
  • pbc_cargo_truck_02
  • pbc_cargo_truck_03
  • pbc_cargo_truck_04
  • pbc_cargo_truck_06
  • pbc_cargo_truck_07
  • pbc_cargo_truck_08
  • pbc_cargo_truck_09
  • pbc_mobile_library_05