Luxury/Executive Buses

Our Luxury mini series coaches can be precisely tailored to optimize performance, driveability, capacity and passenger comfort. Offering exceptional value, the Proton mini series is a solid competitor to luxury coaches everywhere. You can specify the Proton mini series as an short route express coach and be certain that your passengers will enjoy a smooth, restful ride in comfort and style.

You have the choice of standard seats in a variety of designs, colours and materials, each fitted with a seatbelt. Separate service panels provide each passenger with a personal reading lamp, and an air vent with adjustable controls for fresh or chilled air. And for the ultimate in passenger comfort, the Proton mini series is equipped with one of the most responsive and effective air-conditioning systems (Optional)available; proven in tests carried out The Buses features an aerodynamic design with deep windscreen, styled front hatch, xenon dipped beams, low-set fog lamps, and attractively designed and easily accessible rear lamps. The spacious luggage compartment is accessible from both sides and the hatches are conveniently controlled from the driver’s seat.

Wide layout plans to choose from.


Victor Series

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King Star

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P-4000 Series

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Proton Series

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